Jack Nicklaus

“When Jim Flick and I launched golf schools,we entrusted the role of lead instructor to Martin for many years. I also entrusted him to help some of my children and grandchildren,as well as countless friends. He is one of the top ranked teachers by our friends at Golf Digest, and a former PGA of America Teacher of the Year. He has all the credentials any instructor could and should have. He has the eyes, the head, and most important, the heart to help any level of player to improve.

Martin has a passion for the game. I have known Martin for many years and think very highly of him. He is a great teacher with a wonderful reputation who has helped countless golfers of all ability levels become better players. As a matter of fact, I have sent some of my own kids to work with him. Martin has a great passion for golf and for teaching the game, and has been a wonderful ambassador for the PGA of America.”

Bob Toski
World Famous Golf Instructor

“I’ve seen a lot of great teachers teach golf. But they can’t hold a candle to Martin Hall. He knows how to teach the game of golf, not only to the tour players, but the beginner golfers, as well. Martin Hall is number one.”

Eric Glasband
Managing Director, Wealth Management

“I have been taking golf lessons with Martin Hall for seventeen years and he has changed my life. He not only changed my golf life, but he has also had a tremendous influence on my personal life. Martin’s expertise transformed my golf game entirely. To such an extent, that I was transformed from an average player to a scratch golfer.

The best part of the improvement in my golf game is the journey that we both took-which enabled me to accomplish my goals. He is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the game of golf. Martin’s unique style of teaching helps his students to utilize different swing devices so that the player can find the feel that works best for them. This helps tremendously in taking you down the path of fairways and greens. Martin is not only the best instructor in the world, he is also the kindest and best role model a person could ask for.”

Kevin Schultz
Director of Instruction, Golf Channel

“When we did a national search to find the perfect host for School of Golf, I told management, “Don’t waste your time, just call Martin Hall. He’s one of the world’s Top 10 Instructors, he’s entertaining, and everyone will love him.” Now in our fifth season working together, Martin continually makes me look like a genius. He makes instruction easy to understand, golf fun to learn, and when he’s done you’ll see a difference in your game!”

Chuck Winstead
LSU Head Coach

“Martin Hall has been my mentor throughout my professional career. The depth of his knowledge in this great game is unmatched. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him should consider themselves blessed.”

Lorin Anderson
Executive Vice President, Golf Channel Academy

“Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of watching Martin emerge from the crowd to become one of the golf’s greatest instructors. When it comes to solving golfers’ problem shots, Martin has more tools at the ready than a Swiss Army Knife. He is the gold standard in golf instruction today.”